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Hanover Park Animal Care Center

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Hanover Park Animal Care Center is a full-service animal hospital that also offers a variety of tips, tricks, and valuable veterinary resources for pets and pet parents within the communities around Hanover Park, IL.

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Fireworks Safety Tips

Keep pets inside

  • Most pets run away or get lost on July 4th than any other day of the year

Make sure their ID tag and microchip are up to date

  • If your pet runs away, they can be easily returned to you

Use ambient noise to make the fireworks

  • Put on music or a TV to reduce the amount of sudden 'scary' fireworks

Give them a place to hide

  • Give them a safe place and comfy place to hide, just in case

Keep pets away from fireworks inside and outdoors!

  • No matter how curious they may be, do not allow your pets around fireworks to avoid ingestion or other injuries

Pet Food Recall Information